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Taking a bath in the comfort of your home usually feels like a haven. The water is hot just the way you like it and you take your whole afternoon or evening off just to get relaxed. Because of such good moments, you are bound to repeat this routine every day without realizing that your bath tub is getting damaged by the constant use of soap, hard water, rust and grime. In as much as you could wipe away with no more than a damp cloth right away, overtime they will still build up.

Stains or discoloration in your bath tub makes the entire bathroom feel unclean, you may make an effort in removing these stains with a bit of time and sometimes you may get overwhelmed and leave the cleaning altogether. In other times, you may notice that your tub is damaged with a lot of cracks and chippings and you don’t know how to go about repairing them.

That is we at Minneapolis Bath Tub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Contractors are determined to relieve you all this hassle and help you refinish your bathtub. Whether it is the discoloration or the cracks, we reglaze all types of bath tubs to give you a fresh new look. We boast of years of experience and contented customers in our area.

Below is a description of the services we offer at our company:


Bathroom bathtub reglazing

If you are looking for a bath tub reglazing, it means your bathtub is literally much damaged, and depending on your budget you could choose to replace it or simply repair it. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend reglazing because it will give the same results as replacing. You will not have to destroy your floors or remove the plumbing that is initiated when replacing the bathtub. We engage in a rigorous reglazing process that will make you bath tub look brand new and last you for 15 more years.



Tile resurfacing

Just like reglazing, we make it our business to refresh all your tiles and give them a fresh new look. Our process begins by first accessing the damaged tiles, and then we come up with a fixing plan depending on the extent of the damages. Most tiles require quick fixing if they are loose, some will need regrouting and some will need complete removal for them to be refixed again. We work with all types of tile materials: marble, porcelain, ceramic, pebble and stone, among others. The advantage of tile resurfacing is that it is much cost effective.



Bathtub restoration

Bathtub restoration is normally a huge project to undertake. When someone needs a bathtub restoration it may mean some or all of the following issues: the bath tub has become discolored; tiles surrounding the bathtub may also have become stained or grout has fallen out or loosen due to moisture expansion in the joints. All of these issues lead to an unpleasant finish on what could be a stunning bath tub. We fix such problems with no-fuss methods, depending on the treatment required refreshing the look of your bath tub.


Commercial bathroom reglazing

Commercial bathroom reglazing is targeted for business people or organizations with institutions such as hotels, schools, hospitals or other living complexes. Common bathrooms in these facilities can become very unclean and damaged because of the human traffic in them. The cost of replacing these bathrooms will not come cheap either. Therefore, we have created this service to not only save you a lot of money but to also ensure that your bathrooms get a modern clean look while creating hygienic environments at the same time.



Aliphatic urethane coating system

Aliphatic urethane coating system is usually used to individuals with epoxy floored households. Aliphatic urethane is a type of urethane that is used as a topcoat for epoxy floors to maintain their original look and avoid any abrasion or chemical effects. We have a team of experts with great experience and exposure in this system hence assuring you nothing but the best floors for your home.



Acid free reglazing

Most bathtub reglazing and resurfacing contractors use chemicals to clear stains and cracks on bathtubs. While using chemicals is recommended for bathtub materials such as enamel and porcelain, we offer non chemical processes on the same materials if you normally feel discomfort using chemicals or are simply doubtful on the danger they may cause. We also use non chemical methods on other materials for example fiberglass and acrylic where we employ the sanding method as it is the appropriate way to reglaze these materials to refresh their look.



Porcelain tub reglazing

Porcelain is a relatively fragile material made from clay that has a paste-like quality and is heated at high temperatures. The end process produces the white, glass-like, finish that is porcelain. Porcelain bathtubs can become porous, dull and difficult to clean after it has been used for a long time. The material also becomes degraded by repeated use of abrasive cleaners, and can also crack and chip whenever. Our reglazing process can extend the life of your porcelain tub to about 15 years without necessarily replacing it. Our methods make porcelain bathtubs more durable and you get to save a lot of money.


Fiberglass bathtub refinishing

Majority of people refinish their fiberglass bathtubs because they have lost their original finish and therefore have become dull and difficult to keep clean. A lot of cleaning and water running over this type of tub wears away the original finish and all the dirt, hard water and grime get trapped inside the fiberglass pores. During manufacturing, new fiberglass tubs have a colored finish or gel coat applied over the raw fiberglass compound. Therefore in refinishing this type of material, we apply a new finish coat to your bathtub which is in liquid form, so the tub is non-porous when finished. The end result leaves your bathtub looking better, lasting longer, and cleaning made much easier.



Acrylic bathtub refinishing

Acrylic bathtubs can become damaged, discolored or dull after years of use. These bathtubs are often installed before the surrounding floors and walls are complete, which means replacing them may not be an option because the process may become extremely expensive. We use sanding process to give your acrylic bathtub a fresh new look. We sand the entire surface using grit sandpaper and fill any pits or dings with acrylic body filler. Depending on the damage, we may extend the process by applying bonding agents and also epoxies.



Ceramic tile refinishing

Ceramic tile refinishing is an affordable durable and decorative option to your vanities and countertops. You can opt to refinish or paint the ceramic depending on the style you are going for. The refinishing process involves specialized equipment, primers, bonding agents, top coats and clear finishes. The reason we recommend refinishing to repainting is that when you paint this tile material, you will simply use enamel spray or rolled on epoxy which will not look as decent as the refinished tile. Refinished tiles are durable, long lasting and have an exceptional gloss.


Claw foot bathtub reglazing

The claw foot bathtub is one of the most treasured antique. Most claw foot bathtubs are made of cast iron glazed to a white interior or any other colors. Our process involves carefully removing old paint, corrosion and rust on the exterior, then glazing all the surfaces to recreate the original look. The claw feet usually have their special designs, some bold while others very detailed. We also offer treatment by plating them with other metal elements such as gold, bronze chrome or nickel, or any other element you feel may blend well, we leave it up to you.



Refinish bathroom cabinetry

While you may want to reglaze all the surfaces in your bathroom, you may decide to refinish the cabinetry as well. Refinishing bathroom cabinetry is an easy way to refresh your bathroom look and also add value to your home. We offer various options to revamp your cabinets, from sanding down to repainting, complimenting your bathroom with your desired style.



Vanity tops and sinks recoating

Vanity tops and sinks are made of different materials: marble, acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, laminate, Formica, quartz, granite among others. Depending on the material of your surfaces, our process of recoating ensures that your vanity tops and sinks are restored to their original form. We also recolor them in any designer color of your choosing, giving them a beautiful face lift.

Our services do not only comprise of bath tubs reglazing and refinishing, we also offer repairing services for surfaces damaged by chipping, cracking, rust and scratches. We aim to ensure that your household is beautiful again, keeping in mind your ideas, suggestions and even concerns.

Minneapolis Bathtub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Contractors are the best when it comes to quality delivery. The company has been serving clients for several years and hence has the right expertise to fulfill this task. We handle bathtub Reglazing and tub resurfacing with a lot of detail to make sure that you get nothing but the best. Your surface will be clean and smooth and also come with a new look. Contact us to get the free quotation for your bathtub Reglazing and tub resurfacing with immediate effect.

Call Us: (612) 361-5346
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